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The ProHybrid DVD Series

We’re excited you’re taking a look at the ProHybrid DVD Series--25,000+ DVD owners can’t be wrong! Goalies from all over the world are loving this DVD series, and we’re confident you will love it too!

There are three DVDs in the ProHybrid goaltending system. Each one builds on each other. These easy-to-follow, instructional DVDs are practical and effective for all levels and ages.

ProHybrid DVD Volume 1

In addition to net movement and puck-stopping mechanics, Volume 1 of the ProHybrid Goaltending System DVD focuses extensively on goaltender puck handling skills.

This DVD is packed with 40 minutes of instruction, including:

  • The 3 setups which make up the foundation of the ProHybrid goalie

  • Movement / Position / Save Execution

  • Net play

  • Puck handling

  • 1-on-1 instruction

  • Pro and Youth demonstrations with voiceovers

  • Slow motion instant replays to reinforce learning

  • Detailed on-screen graphics to help make learning the key points easier

ProHybrid DVD Volume 2

Once you’re familiar with Volume 1, move up to Volume 2. This volume unlocks our progression to go further into the ProHybrid Goaltending System discovering the keys to precise positioning.

This DVD is packed with over 90 minutes of instruction, including:

  • The ProHybrid Progression Drill Series - setting the foundation of all the movement we make in the crease

  • Visual Lead Position System that provides a complete blueprint of the goalie’s most effective position on the ice based on the puck’s location

  • Learn to create your own drills - we teach you the principles we use to create our drill so you can create your own

  • Detailed position concepts

  • Advanced puck handling techniques

ProHybrid DVD Volume 3

The theme of Volume 3 is identifying both the mental and physical characteristics that are the difference between being a good goalie and a great goalie. Volume 3 focuses on control, consistency, and confidence.

This DVD is packed with over 90 minutes of instruction, including:

  • Development Progression Series - this is a process we use to master a new skill. Goalies can apply this process to master any new skill on, or off the ice.

  • The "Own Your Edges" Drill Series - Great goalie are great skaters - this helps goalies gain confidence pushing and stopping as hard as possible to become more effective skaters

  • The ProHybrid Internal Vs. External Zone Process - what should a goalie be thinking about when the puck is at the other end of the rink? Where should they stand? How far should I come out to challenge a line rush? We cover this and more.

  • Detailed Shot Identification - identifying the height of the shot and whether or not to stand up or go down

  • In-Depth Breakaway Strategy

  • Cutting Edge Net Play - when the puck is tight around the net

  • Reading and countering your opponent's forecheck

  • 2-Way Defenseman and Goalie Communication - what should a goalie tell defensemen as they’re skating into the zone?

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