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Premier Prep Northwest @ The Maple Grove Community Center in Maple Grove, MN

ProHybrid is excited to announce our seventh summer of our most popular summer program called Premier Preparation. This comprehensive 12 week program offers 16 sessions over the course of the summer.  PremierPrep is the our most effective program for goalies that are looking for a consistent summer long training progression. 

Each session is made up of intense on ice and off ice training. On Ice Training focuses on high repetition movement and save execution plus critical game situations. Off Ice Training will be made up of Hand Eye, Agility and Crossfit inspired workouts that challenge our athletes to compete with their personal records to make awesome progress throughout the summer. We take the three weeks of our 1 weeks camp off so goalies can attend the camps.

New for 2019...

  • Weekly Video Updates
  • Consistent Confidence PDFs
  • Mid Summer Phone Conference for Feedback
  • At Home / In Gym Workout Videos
  • Nutrition Guidance

We understand that families go on vacation and have multiple obligations over the course of the summer so now we offer credit for up to 4 missed sessions throughout the summer. Simply let us know if you plan on missing sessions during the program and we will credit you $50 per session up to 4 sessions that your goalie is absent. You can use these credits towards private lessons, small groups or camps in the future. Here are the details of our Premier Prep Northwest...


Premier Prep NorthWest @ Maple Grove Community Center in Maple Grove 

  • Goalies select training level as follows:
    • Foundation (3on1): Advanced Mites, Squirts, Advanced Squirts
    • Progressive (3on1): PeeWee, Advanced PeeWee and Bantam
    • Elite (2on1): Advanced Bantam and High School
  • Dates:
    • Tuesday / Thursday
    • June 11, 13, 25, 27
    • July 9, 11, 16, 18, 23, 25
    • August 6, 8, 13, 15, 27, 29
  • Times:
    • Tuesdays: Afternoons
      • Foundation / Progressive
        • 145-245 pm: On Ice
        • 300-400 pm: Off Ice
      • Elite
        • 145-245 pm Off Ice
        • 300-400 pm On Ice 
    • Thursdays: Mornings
      • Foundation / Progressive:
        • 845-945 am:  On Ice
        • 1000-1100 am: Off Ice
      • ​​​​​​​Elite:
        • ​​​​​​​845-945 am: Off Ice
        • 1000-1100 am: On Ice 
  • Groups
    • Foundation and Progressive:
    • Elite
    • Goalies will be put into peer groups to encourage competition in a high accountability culture!


  • Price 
    • Foundation / Progressive: 3on1 Ratio: $1295 ($81 for 75 mins on ice and 60 mins off ice at a 3on1 ratio)
    • Elite: 2on1 Ratio: $1595  ($96 for 75 mins on ice and 60 mins off ice at a 2on1 ratio)
      • Option #1: Pay in Full before January 5 to Save $50
      • Option #2: Pay in 1/3 installments as follows:
        • At time of registration
        • June 1
        • July 1

Email Zach directly with your questions to