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We develop athletes into consistent and confident goaltenders who bring passion and pride to the most challenging position on the ice.

It’s true that the goaltender has the most challenging job on the team. The techniques we teach are my progressive interpretation of goaltending principles.

ProHybrid is for: 

  • Goalies, coaches, and parents that want a clear blueprint to an efficient and effective way to tend the goal

  • Goalies who want to pay the price both mentally and physically

  • Goalies who bring passion and pride to the position

  • Goalies who aim to be smart athletes who love the position and plan to work their butts off on the ice, in the weight room as well as the classroom to be great

  • Goalies who won’t settle for being “good” - a ProHybrid goalie has a strong desire to be great

Our Vision...

ProHybrid Training provides today’s goaltenders with the most current, efficient, and effective system to stop the puck. We focus on athletic movement, precise positioning, and efficient save execution. In addition to net movement and puck-stopping mechanics, we coach our goaltenders extensively on puck handling skills.

Since 2004...

The ProHybrid goaltending system has

  • Trained 2,500+ goalies ranging in age from 6 all the way through to professional goalies to the recreational goalie

  • Helped dozens of goalies earn NCAA D1 scholarships and many have even been drafted into the NHL

  • Created dozens of goalie success stories - goalies who have used ProHybrid along their journey to college hockey and beyond (learn more about these amazing goalies soon!)